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About World Aviation Corporation

Complete Rewind and Repair of Electrical Components

World Aviation Corporation (WAC) is a proud Canadian company, capable of performing repairs and modifications to electrical generator subcomponents, used in both civil and military aircraft. The company specializes in the rewind and repair of rotary and static electrical (air and oil-cooled) generator sub-components. On account of our modern 20,000 square foot facility, with over 60 highly skilled technicians, technologically advanced equipment, and engineering knowledge, our operations have been fully approved by DOT/FAA/EASA, and HKAR giving us worldwide recognition.

From the moment a part arrives at our shipping & receiving area until it is carefully packed and transported back to our customer, WAC’s computerized production control database carefully monitors every repair in process. Each unit undergoes our “3 pairs of eyes” in-process inspection policy at critical junction points throughout the repair process; i.e., a part is inspected by the repair technician, his or her supervisor and finally a Q.C. inspector. To further ensure excellence, each of our technicians are cross-trained-capable of working proficiently in nearly every department.

WAC provides an excellent source of technical information and maintains very close communications with all of its valued customers in the form of strip reports, procedural updates and shipping confirmation notices.

Our competitively priced components, parts exchange and massive inventory allow us to deliver a cost-effective product to our customers with a speedy turn-around time.


Aero Component Support Inc., a division of WAC, carries an extremely large inventory of civil and military components (listed on the ILS and Parts Base) capable of supporting an extensive array of aircraft. ACSI handles repairs and overhauls by subcontracting electrical and mechanical components.

Policies and Warranties

Rewound Units

World Aviation Corp.’s warranty policy covers all complete rewinds to the same extent as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s new or rewound units.

Repaired Units

When a rewind is not required and a repair is carried out on a unit, World Aviation Corp. will only be responsible for the specific area of repair against the next complete rewind of the unit performed at our facility.

New Components

World Aviation Corp.’s warranty policy covers all new components to the same extent as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty policy.